Individual Business loans

Individual business loans are specially designed for self-employed individuals.  Loans are used for working capital support. Loan amounts range from J$30,000 to J$500,000.

Things you should know

  • Individual business loans are available to micro business operators who have been operating a business for at least six (6) months.

  • Loan amounts range from J$30,000 to J$500,000.

  • Loan tenure range from three (3) months to four (4) years

  • Loans must be secured.


  • Valid ID (National ID, Passport or Driver’s Licence)  

  • TRN  

  • Passport size photograph which can be be taken at the branch.  

  • Proof of Address (Utility Bill or Registered Mail not exceeding 3 months) in applicant’s name. A site visit is required in lieu of the Utility Bill or Registered Mail.  

  • Proof of business ownership.

  • New applicants must present one Reference Letter 

  • Completed business loan application form  

  • Credit check is done for loan amounts J$100,000.00 and over.